India's Overpopulation Problem Essay

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In the past century, the globe’s population has expanded rapider than ever in human history. Facing this population boom, scholars in the past few decades have discovered certain problems of overpopulation. Many of them put their focus on China, the country with the world’s largest number of population, which was having difficulties in development after the Cultural Revolution along with the massive, almost incontrollable large number of ever-growing population. To solve this problem, the Chinese government established the well-known one child policy, which played a huge impact throughout the past three decades. Although population growth rate has now been controlled, the problem of overpopulation is not yet resolved, and the policy has brought in many social and economic problems. One of the biggest issues brought up by overpopulation and one child policy is the rapid growth of aging population, which leads to many serious problems. Challenges and…show more content…
In Newborn Sex Selection and India's Overpopulation Problem, the author Hrishikesh D. Vinod takes the population control experience in China for India’s reference. India is now considering different kinds of population control policies, including the Chinese one child policy. Yet, many scholars suggest that they should not take one child policy to consideration; that is, similarly to China, India also has the tradition of valuing male over female. If the country is adopting the one child policy, the country will be facing the expansion of gender inequality: newborn sex selection, causing countless of abandoned female newborns and imbalance sex ration, just exactly like the issue China is facing now. Many western scholars, including Nie and Vinod, have agreed that one child policy is at least a social planning failure, and therefore India should not walk on China’s old

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