Chinese Spring Festival

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Chinese New Year; otherwise known as the spring festival, is the 15 day celebration which follows the movements of the lunar and solar calendar dating back to more than 4,000 years of history. The first day of the festivity begins on the darkest day and ends with the full moon, thus every year it falls on a different date. Chinese New Year associates the idea of good fortune, and traditional superstitions which were generally made to ward off evil spirits; but also to mark an advent of spring blossoming and to strengthen the ties of family unity. The last of 15 days is celebrated with the cultural lantern festival; the night of the full moon after a two-week long period. Every temple and household are alight during this night. It is an ancient…show more content…
It symbolizes fire so it is thought to deflect bad luck; people tend to wear new, red clothes on New Year’s Day, and give out red packets to children that contain “lucky money”; hence the red coloured envelope. The money sealed within the envelope is typically found with the quantity of an even number in accordance to Chinese beliefs, all with the exception of four, as the pronunciation of the Chinese word ‘four’ bears a resemblance to that of the word ‘death.’ There is a sense of cleanliness and new beginnings, as people tidy their homes before New Year’s because cleaning is not allowed during the following 2 weeks, due to the fear of good fortune being ‘swept away’. Throughout New Year’s Eve, common sightings are opening all the doors and windows of people’s homes and viewing fireworks; they are lit up to send the old year away and to welcome the new one…show more content…
It is claimed that one day Buddha requested all the animals to gather at a certain location and the first 12 to arrive would receive the honour of having a year named after them in a 12 year cycle. The animal that arrived first was the rat, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig. People born in each allocated animal’s year would inherit some of that animal’s personality or traits. Those born in the year of the rat receive attributes such as being quick-witted, resourceful and versatile, whilst those in the year of the dog are loyal, honest and kind. An important use of these Chinese zodiacs were to determine if two people are compatible in a relationship. In ancient times, people were faithful to this system and often referred to it while seeking for a husband or

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