Chinese Teaching Philosophy

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Mrs. Cary Ann Vincent
Applied English 132
12 June 2015
Research Project
General Topic: Teaching Philosophy
Restricted: Contemporary
More Restricted: In China and America
Topic Chosen: In the era of information and education, the topic of teaching philosophy has aroused hot discussions. Both parents and teachers are paying great attention to children’s education. So along with the cultural communication among the whole world, there are many differences between Chinese and American contemporary teaching philosophy.

I. The introduction of teaching philosophy
II. The features of Chinese teaching philosophy
A. Examination-oriented education in China
i. The positive and negative influence of examination-oriented education in
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It is also the faith to teach. And it has an important guiding significance to clearly express teaching activities.
As a vast country with profound culture, China always pays great attention to the traditional education. And teachers always focus on cultivating all-round development of students’ moral, intelligence, physical, and on cumulative capacity of all kinds of knowledge for adapting the exam-oriented education. Under this background, students are busy with dealing with various kinds of examinations. As Nobel Prize winner Chen Ning Yang said, “China is focus on indoctrinating teaching and examination-oriented education,, it has advantages and disadvantages. In China’s current situation, this education model is good. It may let 50% to 80% Chinese people learn a lot of knowledge and skills, to be a useful person to society”. I think it’s true. But on the other hand, at present in China, there are many employment enterprises requested the talents with high educational background. Undergraduates are often stressed out and upset with employment problem. But employers think that the higher of educational background for the employees which means the more knowledge and higher of their abilities. In fact, this phenomenon was caused by examination-oriented education. On the other hand, teacher’s teaching purpose is always for cope
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The mainly differences are according to the following saying: American teaching philosophy focus on the on-class collaborative learning, it is also emphasized that student on off-class cooperative learning. Teachers arranged many jobs those students have to work together, at the same time promote sharing others good ideas and suggestions. But in Chinese class, students are required to study independently, and work independently. In my opinion, this philosophy has led to students with different personalities, and even affected the future of work. And there is another saying: the relationship between teachers and students in America are like directors and actors, but are like actors and audience in China. So teacher is like coordinator or organizer, always for the students. And the Chinese teaching activities have less interaction with students. And another mainly difference is about the expression ability. In American teaching philosophy, students are paid great attention to expression ability. At primary school, they have speaking class, reading class, writing classes and exchange lessons. So they always good at expressing an talking. Under the background of examination-oriented education in China, students are more silent than Americans in class, teachers are worried about a waste of time and affecting the progress of

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