Chinese Tourism Industry

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Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter presents foreign and local literature, and studied which are found significant in the conduct and result of the study.
China’s Tourism Industry
Since the 60's of last century, the tourism industry has been developing with the rapid development of the world economy, and has gradually developed into the world's largest emerging industries, the tourism industry has become the world's largest industry in the '90s, international tourism receipts in the world grew with the proportion of export earnings of more than 8%, more than oil, automobile, mechanical and electrical export earnings. Tourism industry has remained the world’s largest industry. Whether it is income, employment, or investment, tax, tourism industry to the development of the world economy has played a pivotal role. China's international tourism began in 1978, to encourage social and economic development. The country was building its foreign exchange, therefore the beginning of entry tourism. From then on, inbound tourism on sustained and had stable growth. As China's overall national strength continued to rise the international influence continued to expand and market development was more in-depth.
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These cultural tourism resources need to study and show the depth of tourism developers to experience. Because of cultural tourism is conducive to promoting the traditional culture, to promote the economic benefits of the tourism industry, the role of the tourism industry is becoming more and more important. (zhou panpan2012).Therefore improve the Nanyang cultural tourism experience, so that visitors can experience the traditional Chinese culture in ancient culture of Chu and Han dynasty, Three Kingdoms culture, jade culture, not only the external propaganda Chinese culture, but also promote the Nanyang city's economic

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