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Since the beginning of the history, people has been mentioning that there are important events in a person’s life. These are imperial examination, marriage and a birth of a son. Over two thousand years, marriage was so important for China. While a marriage meant the loss of a daughter for the girl’s family, it meant well-fare and the permanency of the lineage for the boy’s family. There are three letters and six etiquettes traditions in a Chinese weddings. Three letters are;
1) Betrothal Letter: It is an official letter of engagement.
2) Gift letter: It is for the bride’s family.It lists the form and the amount of the gifts for the wedding.
3) Wedding letter: It is prepared and offered
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In the wedding day’s some parts, for example in the blessing by monks part, only relatives, bride and groom and close friends can attend the ceremony. The Buddist ceremony start at 09.09 a.m. Because they think that the number 9 brings the couple good luck. Thai people are generally not punctual. But they pay particular attention to time for the couple.


This process is called as “sanuk” by Thais. ın this process the groom is teased and ribbed by the bride’s family. ın order to prove that he can take care of the bride, he should open the doors. The symbolic doors’ number show differences from part to part. But generally there are two types of door: silver and gold. They are represented by a gold and silver chains which are held two female relatives of the bride’s family. The name of the silver door is “pratoo ngoen” and the name of the gold door is “pratoo tong”. To open the doors the groom should have a “key” and the key represents an envelope with the money. The groom can experience hard times in this

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