China Kung Fu Research Paper Outline

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Name Maud (梅萍萍)
My Name Mrs. Cary Ann Vincent
Class English 131
12 June 2015
Research Project
General Topic: Movie
Restricted: China movie
More Restricted: China action movie
Topic Chosen: How does the China action movie affect the China Kung fu?
I. What is china action movie?
a) The history of action movie.
b) When does action movie started in china?
c) How Chinese make china action movie?
II. What is China Kung fu?
a) The history of China Kung fu.
i. The value and the charm of China Kung fu.
III. What does the China action movie affect the China Kung fu?
a) The connection between the China action movie and the China Kung fu.
i. What influence of the China action movie on the China Kung fu. ii. The result of the two
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It is deep, glamorous, amazing and has unique techniques”.(Bi Wen, Zhou 1)Martial arts is the quintessence of the Chinese nation, and its charm lies not only with a variety of technical skills, but more importantly is the color of Oriental culture. “Chinese martial arts film is a rare example in the film forest of the world, source of martial arts is the development of martial arts film”.( Liang, Jia1) I think the core of Chinese martial arts films is martial arts, without martial arts, there is no Chinese martial arts film. Losing the martial arts, Chinese martial arts film will lose its unique Oriental charm. Martial arts are the integrated use of various techniques. Compare to boxing, martial art more emphasize on morality and cultivation of body and mind, and ultimately achieve not only is a combination of offensive and defensive skills, but also to achieve harmony between body and mind and…show more content…
Chinese movies’ development is inseparable from the martial arts. Publicity and promotion of globalization for martial arts also can not without China martial arts movies. In 1970, the martial arts superstar Bruce Lee made the world know Chinese martial arts, forms a craze of Chinese Kung Fu. Bruce Lee , who was the first person to spread Chinese martial arts to the world and the first Chinese to enter into Hollywood. He promoted the development of world martial arts and Kung fu movies. The martial arts films he starred in became famous all over the world, so that Kung Fu is world-famous. In the eyes of many foreigners, his Kung Fu just is China martial arts. In 1980, Jet Li's Shaolin Temple set off a tide of China martial arts. Meanwhile, martial arts movies are not entirely absent from the awards, such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won four awards which are included the Academy Award for best foreign language film, and the Hero and House of Flying Daggers have been named the best movie of the year by Entertainment Weekly of United

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