Chingachook's The Last Of The Mohicans

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Im doing this essay on "The Last Of The Mohicans." The fathers express their love for their children in different ways. Even thiough they both love thier children, they show it very differently. Chingachook is very close with his son, as Munro seems very distant from his daughters.

In this book, i think that Chingachook and his son Uncas are very much alike. They always agreed on the same things. Uncas seems very obidient and always does as Chingachook tells him. Uncas respects him as Chief. They agreed on the same things which made their family bond stronger.

Munro and his daughters are differnt, They will voice thier opinions , even when they dont agree. They seem distant from eachother, not having a bond the way Chingachook and Uncas
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