Chinh Van Nguyen's Family: A Short Story

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The Change of Chinh Van Nguyen's Family: 1961-1975 A young, ten-year-old girl lay in her bed, coughing and sniffling due to a fever. She attempts to reach the TV remote, but is hit by another spasm of coughing. Her room is dull and lifeless, much like her current health. Neutral, white paint was painted on the walls. We're in the present day, and this is a middle-class house, somewhere in the suburbs. Her mother enters the room with a mug of warm milk in her hand. She sets the mug on top of the girl's nightstand, then feels her forehead. "Feeling any better?" she asked her daughter. The girl mutely shakes her head. Her mom chuckled. "Well, Grandpa came to tell you a story, just to ease your boredom," she said. The girl held the mug to her lips and took a sip, as she nodded indifferently. The mother lightly hugged her daughter, then…show more content…
His eyes are bright with anticipation. "I brought you special present," he said in slight, broken English, giving his granddaughter the package. "What is it?" she spoke, curiosity shining brightly in her eyes. "Open it up!" He chuckled. She did as she was told, the crumpling sound of the wrapping paper becoming the only noise in the room for a brief period. A gasp escaped her mouth. “A book?” The book was titled The Princess Bride. The girl handed the book to her grandfather, expecting him to open it and start reading the story that was inside. The grandfather threw the book in the wastebasket jokingly. “The book was just an alluding introduction I've made, to lighten-up and amuse whoever reads it! The real story I’ll tell you is about my military life, and how it changed me and shaped your generation in this family, and your mother’s, also. It is my legacy of honor.” The girl giggled lightly. “Alright! At least I won't be bored and sitting here...” She smiled, propping up her chin on her hands in an attempt to listen; her elbows rested on the
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