Chinook Tribe

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Furthermore, Chinook also is one of the Native American tribe, this tribe spokes the Chinook language. Also, this tribe lived in the lower side of the Colombian river. Their main social unit is was the village. They were relying on fish, roots, and berries as their food. There were 800 people of this tribe in the United States since 1990, working in fishing, logging and lumbering
In addition, there were a tribe of the Native American called Kalispell. This tribe spoke a language that belongs the Salishan language. This tribe has been named by this name by the French because of their clothes and shell earrings. In the present this tribe is living in the Kalispell and Colville reservations, which are both in the north east of Washington State.
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There are three Mohegan/Pequot Indian groups in Connecticut, a Narragansett group in Rhode Island and Shinnecock Indian group on Long Island. The vast majority of the general population in these groups have blended Indian legacy because of the converging of the Mohegan tribes in right on time American history. Other individuals with Mohegan Indian legacy live in groups all through New England and New York. This tribe spoke a language that belongs to the Algonquian. They lived on the Thames River, and this tribe became a one of the most powerful tribe in the Native American tribes. There were 1000 member of this tribe in 1990 in the United…show more content…
According to the Pomo Indians article this tribe considered as the tribe of the northern California, and for living, there were a few sorts of houses manufactured by the Pomo, contingent upon where the gathering lived. Eastern and Southeastern Pomo utilized the tule reeds that developed in boggy zones around Clear Lake. The tulles were tied in groups and after that fixing to posts that framed a round or oval-formed building. A few families shared a house, every family having a spot inside for their chimney and a passageway entryway. This tribe was unique, because they were experts in basketry arts, and their works are now still have a high value in the museums. There are about 5000 member of this tribe living in the United States in
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