Chip Kelly's Takeover Case Study

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Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Chip Kelly came into Philadelphia with one of the most unique mindset’s the city has ever witnessed and he knowingly let this age-old mantra slip by him. After gaining momentum through his successful, but more importantly innovative opening season, along gaining control over the roster, Kelly did not create an extremely favorable situation at the game’s most important position.
Despite Nick Foles’ disappointing season in St. Louis, it is still worth considering how he would have performed had he remained in midnight green. Although he was unable to reproduce a season similar to his spectacular 27 TD - 2 INT run, he seemed to fit decently well with the surrounding pieces, despite his lack of exceptional speed.
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This upcoming draft class is underwhelming at the position and the Eagles have more important needs to fill with pick 13 in the first round, such as an offensive lineman or an addition to the secondary
When it comes to free agency, there are few enticing options, but one worth examining is Brock Osweiler of the Denver Broncos. When filling for Peyton Manning this season, Osweiler showed extreme potential, keeping the team on pace for the playoffs, despite being benched in Week 17. He did create a quarterback controversy, but it was almost inevitable that Manning would be reinserted into the starting spot.
The prospect of a trade is intriguing, as Colin Kaepernick has stated that he would like a move to the New York Jets. Although he has another preference, this news may tarnish his relationship with the Niners and if the Jets do not make a move, he is an extremely viable option in Philadelphia.
But, the riskiest move would be trading for Robert Griffin III, a young signal caller who had high success when he was able to stay on the field. Kirk Cousins was able to take over the starting spot in Washington due RG3’s injuries, but Griffin showed spectacular bursts of play and a change of scenery is severely needed to see if he gain regain his
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