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Born on September 12, 1964, in Pennsylvania, Chip grew up to be an associate art director at the New York publishing house. At first he was hired at the publishing house as a junior assistant in 1986. He would also freelance for various firms including Farrar Straus and Giroux, Amazon and HarperCollins. Chip Kidd was a well known book cover designer, designing nearly 1,000 book covers. Before he started designing book covers Chip was a graphic design major at Pennsylvania State University. He is best recognized as a graphic designer for book covers. Being a huge admirer of comic books he not only wrote some of those for DC comics but he was also given the opportunity to design their covers. He is a voracious fan of comics,…show more content…
What really stood out to me when I first saw it was the way the lettering for the title was. The way how he has the title “Superman” looking like it was going off into the book is really cool. The next thing that really stood out to me is how he drew superman sitting on a cloud overlooking the city. This part is really cool and pretty crazy how he was able to draw it. It really stands out because while he’s sitting on the clouds overlooking the city you have the sun setting in the distance which I also really thing helps the book cover stand out to anyone who is looking at it. The colors he chose for his design also play a big role in how the cover really stands out. The detail of how each cloud is drawn is crazy because they are drawn with so much detail that they look real. Superman in this design is what stood out the most to me in that the detail that it took to draw him sitting on the edge of the cloud overlooking the city. I think that Superman is really what makes the design because if it was just the clouds and the city it would still be a cool design and unique but by Kidd adding Superman to it, than it just makes the cover that much better. Another design that Chip drew that really stood out to me as well was the Batman Collected cover. Even though there is not as much detail in this cover as there is in the All-Star Superman design I still thought that

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