Chip Reid's Argument Against The Confederate Flag

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People have been fighting over a flag for far too long. It is cloth stained with dye on a pole. Why does something made with cloth and stitches have to separate a country based on freedom? Some people argue the Confederate flag is an item of racism, and should be banned from being flown. Others believe it is “just culture” and “heritage”, nothing more than an item of history that can be used for learning purposes and historical Reenactments. The belief that the flag is a sign of racism is a controversial issue, but in all honesty, that belief is wrong and the people that believe this are misguided and don’t know history. The Confederate Flag is a controversial item and is receiving negative outlook, but the facts over its history proves that…show more content…
People want to get rid of a chunk of history that is important to us as Americans. As Chip Reid wrote in this CBS News article, “[...] it is heritage and history[...]” This statement has been said before and its value stands. It truly is heritage for people related to fighters from the Civil War, and it is history because, well, it is from the past and important to Americans. Reid also states that “Should living history programs with confederate Reenactors (and their flags) be banned from National Park service sites?” Now this is just wrong. Why would people just want to get rid of something that is shown everywhere, even in historical Reenactments. Reenactments are there for a reason, to show history. Why get rid of it if it was in history and needs to be shown. Some people say that the confederate flag is a sign of treason in America. This is saying that the people that support the flag want the nation to break apart again. As Allen Guelzo states, “The flag of treason should be suppressed.” This is a good point, but it is not true. As chip Reid says. “The flag is an important part of an educational experience intended to inspire Americans to learn about their past.” This shows us that people are just bitter and not capable of handling the truth that the whole slavery idea was long ago and now that flag means nothing but something that you see on
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