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Executive Summary In this week of the Stock Exchange Challenge, I determined that Chipotle was the best stock to sell. Its E.coli breakthrough, pork shortages resulting in profit loss, as well as animal welfare difficulties concerned me to the point of trading it. Chipotle has under preformed in profit gains and dividends since it launched and its increased competitors will only further hurt this business. In exchange I bought Amazon. Amazon’s steeply increased revenue, innovation in products/services, and maintained leadership attitude attract investors who are looking to buy and hold. Finally, Amazon reinvests profits back into the business to expand its demographic, profit margins and overall likeability. Report For week three in the stock exchange challenge, I sold all 20 shares in Chipotle Mexican Grill, commonly shown in the…show more content…
Apart of the Restaurant Industry, Chipotle gave me a -$1095 to -$844 gain/loss value. I made $11 959. 80 from selling my stocks last week, even though that doesn’t make me any profit as I lost $1234 without any significant breaks of profit. Chipotle has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons since November 2nd, when first news hit that traces of E.coli had been found in their produce. Over 43 of their restaurants in Oregon and the Washington State were closed and continue to be under serious surveillance. This bacteria is infectious, and can even be fatal when consumed. In one case, Chipotle was charge 75, 000$ by a woman in Washington who was a victim and suffered deeply from this bacterium. But that isn’t it, the Mexican food chain has been facing a shortage of pork since January, when it suspended a major supplier over animal welfare concerns. This may exemplify that Chipotle is focusing more on food ingredients and standards after this suspension, but it is has also resulted in a shortage

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