Chipotle: Fast Eating Habits

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Food is to humans as gasoline is to motor vehicles. We rely on food to provide us with our daily nutrients and vitamins. However, nutritional value isn’t the only aspect we analyze when we pick our meals. We also focus our attention on accessibility and mainly taste to veer our minds from one selection to another. Sadly, it is this choice and freedom that have brought society to a crossroads. The time has come where we must decide to eat healthy or have good taste and accessibility. Fast food will harm one way or another. For example, Chipotle, a Mexican grill, provides consumers with high quality burritos and salads. To society’s dismay, they have been linked with an E. Coli outbreak. Their “healthy” food has suddenly become unhealthy. As a whole, the community needs to become smarter regarding their meals. Chipotle is considered one of the fastest and strongest growing food chains in America. Children and adults all over crave just a whiff of their food and they will go berserk. The common meal consists of either a 13 inch burrito or a salad along with guacamole and lemon seasoned chips. The average meal provide 1,000 calories towards our daily recommended caloric intake. However, one burrito is considered the equivalent of two…show more content…
Coli is one of the deadliest bacterias to be involved with any kind of food brand. Many brands have met with bacterial invasions. However, the most recent and most talked about is E. Coli attacking Chipotle. The bacteria is a rod shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of a warm blooded mammal. Despite being in our bodies, consuming it can have some dangerous affects. Common symptoms are: abdominal cramps, fever, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. The bacteria have infiltrated Chipotle’s health measures and caused economic downfall for the brand. The initiation of the bacteria are yet to be found. First, it was believe to be from the meat. Then, the veggies were accused. No one knows for

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