Chipotle Value Chain Analysis

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Throughout each company, managers are teaming up with their respectful human resources audits to find strategies to produce the best way to motivate its employees. Some of the duty’s for the Human Resource audit, which includes monitoring staff treatment and complies with employment laws. One strategy where the HR audits gets to understand its employees is compelling with alderfer’s hierarchy model which involves existence, growth, and relatedness needs. In the food industry, Chipotle is a company that uses the hierarchal model because they found ways to help benefit their employees psychologically and tangibly. However, the HR adult cannot satisfy every need due to the fact that each company has different strategies to satisfy each need for…show more content…
According to an article from the Billfold website, “Trip to a doctor costs around $150–$200, or about the price of a nice dinner” (Almendral). Employers may have to work overtime, in order to pay off those check-ups appointments. When companies offer health care benefits to its employees, they will feel a sense of relief that their company cares about their health issues. On the other hand, employers can go back and work their regular hours. A popular food franchise chipotle, offers health care insurance through the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. This is a perfect example of existence needs in the hierarchy model due to the fact that people needs to know the care that they need. At the end of the day, when employers are doing their job, they will be visually ready on any tasked they are given and they will do it with a smile on their faces. Not only companies are offering health care benefits, some companies are offering rewards towards its employees whenever they are doing an excellent…show more content…
This is a perfect example of Relatedness in the hierarchy level due to the fact companies are setting their employees for what’s to come and when that time comes, they are ready. In Chipotle, one of their goals is to help people grow in a skill set and whenever. This can be beneficial when they apply for future jobs, if they want to apply for different position in the same business organization, they will be ready because it is easy to see the progress in their jobs. If they want to apply to jobs outside the company, they have a variety of things that will prepare them for what’s to
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