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To become strong, people would have to learn how to become one and work together. Throughout the United States, there is a group of American Indians called Chippewa and they are a unique group of American Indians and they hold a unique story behind them. The Chippewa tribe was one of the original group from the time of development in the New World ("Chippewa Indians." Ohio). The tribe of Indians is very large, but now they are scattered throughout the United States. The two main locations that they mostly are in and had influenced most are up north near Canada and west of the United States ("Chippewa Indians." Indians). There are many American Indian tribes that had impacted the United States the most, but one tribe that had directly impacted the United States the most is this tribe, Chippewa, there are many things that are going to be reveal to learn why they were once enemies and now allies.

It is known today that the regions of North America’s Great Lakes are homes to many American Indians and the group that had settled in these regions are called Algonquian (Ditchfield 5). This group of people were a very large …show more content…

They are currently living in reservations up north in the United States and south of Canada ("Chippewa Indians." Indians). Theses different tribes are related in many ways, but the tribes that are closely related to the Chippewa Indians are the Ottawa and the Potawatomi tribe ("Chippewa Indians." Ohio). Since most of these tribes are related, they look out for one another. The wealthy would help the poor and responsibilities were divided among the families and these responsibilities were ones that were only possible to do for the assigned person (Ditchfield 21). It is known today that there are approximately 100,000 Chippewa Indians in the United States and approximately 60,000 are in Canada

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