Chiropractic Vs Western Medicine

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Chiropractic vs Western Medicine
In current society, the people who get the spinal problem are increasing. Not only athletes always suffer from spinal pain, but also many ordinary people get this problem. Due to these people have much work to do, always sit in the chair and do less exercise, the nerve has been compressed and then, they get the spinal problem such as neck pain, low back pain and so on. Doctors use two different models to treat the spinal problem, chiropractic and western medicine. However, chiropractic is superior because it can effectively reduce the spinal pain, has less negative side effects and less cost than western medicine.
Chiropractic could restore the spinal problems efficiently, especially the low back pain which
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The spinal pain is a common issue for patients, and lots of them are suffering from the pain for a long time, so many patients rely on using painkiller and anesthetic to reduce these feeling. However, taking an overdose of drugs, patients’ life would be threatened. According to American Chiropractic Association, the writer Crawford writes that in 2010, the statistic that from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that there were 16500 people died because of overdosing painkiller (Crawford). Also, painkiller would make patients be addicted. However, patients want to receive an effective and safe therapy to resolve their diseases instead of taking a risk. On the contrary, there is no the same risk of chiropractic, because it never requires patients to eat anything. In an article, which is from Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sourcebook, the chiropractic adjustment involves manipulation of the spinal and other parts of body’s structure by practitioners’ hands (Sutton 98). This is a definition of chiropractic that tells patients that chiropractic is just using hands to adjust each part of a body. Moreover, it does not need patients to use drugs or inject something into the body, so it would not lead the severe damage to patients. Additional, chiropractic are not addicted so patients can use chiropractic therapy to reduce the dependence of pain…show more content…
Many patients will think chiropractic is extremely expensive because chiropractic is not a conventional therapy in the United States. Nevertheless, the statistical data from Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows that the chiropractic’s cost of multiple imputation analysis and complete case analysis are just 506.67 USD and 672.48 USD. Conversely, this two costs of medicine are 922.59 USD and 1144.79 USD (Houweling et al.). Chiropractic is unlikely western medicine, it just use manual therapy instead of using high tech to treat patients. Moreover, chiropractic treatment does not require patients to pay the medicine and any other instrument’s fee, so it would not cost too much. For the patients, they do not want to pay much money for therapy, even some of them could not offer many treatments. Fortunately, chiropractic would cost low price and could provide successful therapy to patients. Therefore, chiropractic is superior to western
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