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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, a writer who migrated to the USA from a Postcolonial Indian background. Her works are largely set in India and the United States and often focuses on the experiences of South Asian Women immigrants. Divakaruni’s immigrant characters analyze the tension between postcolonial origins and an adjustment in new country. Immigration has directly or indirectly affected several generations of contemporary writers writing in English. Divakaruni is among those writers affected by the corollaries’ of immigration such as colonialism post – colonialism ad neo – imperialism. The term ‘diaspora’ is used to refer to any people or Ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands. In the beginning, the…show more content…
Leaving India caused Chitra to revaluate her homeland’s culture and specifically its treatment of women. Divakaruni’s writing often centers around the lives of immigrant women. Her interest in women began after she left India. Her book ‘Arranged Marriage’, winner of an American Book Award, is a collection of short stories about women from India between two worlds. Divakaruni writes to unite people. Her aim is to destroy myths and stereotypes. She hopes through her writings to dissolve boundaries between people of different backgrounds, communities and age. Divakaruni’s Arranged Marriage is all about marital relationships. Many of these relationships are arranged, and almost all of them involve some oppositional encounter of Indian and American values and customs. One obvious thing about that book is arranged marriages do not work because they are based on an invalid and unfair custom. Indian women are also characterized by many limitations in Divakaruni’s short stories unless they already are, or in the process of being, westernized. Many of the stories in Arranged Marriage, the women readily accept being cheated, dominated and sexually

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