Chitra Divakaruni The Disappearance Analysis

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I can relate to Chitra Divakaruni frustrated husband in her story “The Disappearance” growing up in a home where my mom had to step in to be a mother and father because of my dad’s alcohol problem she “had to put his [her] foot down” for us to move forward. (Divakaruni 2) My mom had to be a strong woman to live with my dad for over 20 years with my dad’s alcohol problem, having to pick up after him make sure we were not exposed telling us “in his [her] lap awkwardly” he will soon recover from his crisis. (1) She comforted us as much as she could so we would not forget the good moments we had with him and not judge him for his alcohol abuse, fighting or disappearance. Same as the husband in Divakaruni’s story my mom “was a good husband [wife]”
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