A Literary Analysis Of Lanval's Narrative

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Marie’s narrative, “Lanval,” features a knight in King Author’s court called Lanval. He is the main character of the story. His history and personality helps build the storyline of Marie’s narrative. Chivalrous values are strongly attributed to the protagonist in order to feature the desired character and fate in the narrative. Such chivalrous values include but not limited to love, loyalty to the king, generosity, submission to authority and audacity (Lordsandladies.org, 1). The literary analysis in this paper is aimed at examining how the chivalrous values were induced in the narrative to develop Lanval’s character and fate as well.
The first conflict introduced by the author in the beginning of the story broadens the reader’s understanding on Lanval’s character. Lanval is presented as a generous and loving individual, who is envied and hated for his amazing personality. His background as an abandoned king’s child is also revisited to help the reader get a better understanding. The importance of this conflict and his background is to explain the motive of Lanval’s humility. Despite being born from a noble family, Lanval sees the importance of being humble and serving
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Love relieved him from the bitterness he had nurtured in his heart. Marie describes Lanval as a model of generosity immediately he began associating with the beautiful lady. Lanval’s generosity surfaces in the way he grants pardons to prisoners, passes gifts to individuals and being hospitable to all without reservation (Burgess et al, 75). For this reason, the author presents the source of envy in the hearts of other knights. Overlooking the knight’s contempt, Lanval found happiness in serving the people and doing whenever he could. He continued to give his lover a visit regularly. This love strengthened Lanval’s capacity to related with people and be at the service of his master as
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