Chivalry And Courtly Love In The Knight's Tale

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The Knight’s Tale focuses mainly on chivalry and courtly love. Chivalry, which is system of behavioral rules that knights must follow, has several rules that pertain to Christianity, such as believe all the church tells you, defend the church, and do not perform duties that contrast the laws of God. Courtly love, like chivalry, are rules which demand a knight’s loyalty to only one person. Ignoring these two systems, there are almost no Christian values in the story. which can be seen by the way Palamon and Arcite fight each other over a princess in the story. The characters sometimes reference God, though it is possible that the knight added the Christianity in later to reference his beliefs. Palamon and Arcite pray to greek gods instead of…show more content…
The Knight seemed to have a high regard for Christian beliefs. It is even stated in the beginning by the fictive Chaucer that, “There’s not a more Christian man to be found.” The pilgrims seem to to hold him in high regard as…show more content…
Because of this assault Melibee takes the law in his own hands, instead of waiting of the leaders to make a decision, and seeks council from his close friends, not God. His wife, Prudence, is displeased by his willingness to take vengeance on his enemies. She, instead of joining him, met with his enemies, but not in secret, she first asked her husband to not listen to the counsel from those who pretend to be his friends or spoke one way in public and another in private, but to pray to God. After much debating between the two, he agreed to let her speak with his enemies. When Prudence learned that they were scared of their punishment she sympathised with them. She asked Melibee to treat them kindly and with respect as to set a good example for the town. Melibee agreed with her but wanted to take the land away from his enemies and tax them. Prudence, on the other hand, told him to simply forgive them and let them return home. She told him to forgive his enemies because Jesus did so, she also stated that just as jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.” Melibee should do so also.

As you can see, there are many Christian values in The Tale of Melibee. In the story Prudence represented the Christian morals. She guided Melibee back onto the correct path, forgiving those who trespassed against him. She told him to pray to God for guidance and to value her
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