Importance Of Chivalry In Today's Society

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Chivalry is vital to upholding a functioning society in the present day. Chivalry is needed today in our society for various reasons. Chivalry needs to be brought back in today 's society and it needs to become something that everyone uses. Our society is very careless at not being chivalrous and man and woman all do not understand the true meaning of it. Today’s society, men and women both, need to be more thankful for what have and what they work for. Men and women take too many things for granted and one day they will wish they did not. Every opportunity that men and women receive, need to think about the true value of what they have. Men and women should never lose appreciation for what they have because they never know when it could be taken away from them. Other people in our society may not get the same opportunities, so men and women need to take that to heart. In medieval times, everyone was so grateful for everything they had. Today some men, women, and even children do not have to work for what they want, it just gets handed to them. In…show more content…
Everyone has a purpose and a different role to play in life each day. It might not be what they have wanted, but it is better than nothing. Other men and women might have more potential than others, but that does not mean you are not important. Not everyone is going to be the same, because if everyone was, the whole world would be the same and it would get boring and it would be less exciting. Men and women have so much potential in doing anything they want, and they should not waste the opportunity. You can have so much potential in the workforce, education, sports, farming, etc. If you get a chance to do something, do it. It could make a difference in the world. Having potential means you are capable of achieving something that you think you will be good at, so if men and women have that mindset then they should be

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