Chivalry In Beowulf

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Chivalry is a code of conduct associated with the medieval institution of knighthood which developed between 1170 and 1220. Between this time period many authors wrote about knights and warriors and how they represented the values of being loyal, courageous and their willingness to give one’s life for another or in other words being a chivalrous warrior. Some examples of these tales are Beowulf and Le Morte d’Arthur. Beowulf and Wiglaf from Beowulf and King Arthur from Le Morte d’Arthur each have two examples of them reflecting the values of being a chivalrous warrior.
Beowulf from Beowulf has very few things about him that are not chivalrous. His character exemplifies the Germanic hero and the Anglo-Saxon ideal of being strong, fearless, bold and loyal. One example of Beowulf being a chivalrous warrior is his bravery and courage. The evil demon Grendel has been terrorizing Herot for the past 12 years, so Beowulf wants to try and defeat him. When he arrives in Denmark Wulfgar greets him by saying “My lord, the great king of the Danes, commands me to tell you that he knows of your noble birth and that having come bravely and are welcome.” (Beowulf 126). Another example of his chivalrous tendencies is willingness to give his life for another. Beowulf has
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His loyalty shows when he tries to inspire his fellow warriors to help Beowulf. “I remember that time when mead was flowing, how we pledged our loyalty to our lord in the hall… now the day has come when this lord we serve needs sound men.” (Beowulf 764). Wiglaf’s willingness to give his life for another shines though when Beowulf attempts to kill a dragon but seems to be losing the fight. Wiglaf in an attempt to inspire his men exclaims “As God as my witness I would rather my body were robbed in the same burning blaze as my gold-giver’s body than go back home bearing arms.” (Beowulf
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