Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight And Morte D Arthur

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The three Ideas of Chivalry

(How Chivalry is connected in the stories?)

Have you ever been taught how to treat a lady? Have you ever been told how you should be treated? Today, respect for women is different, but I think it’s the same way for men as well. In the old ways, women had to respect their men, and obey them. The men in some ways were generous to their wives. They are also showing people what true knights were supposed to act like in the medieval time period. In the movie, the knights show respect to all of the people. In the stories Sir Gawain and the Green knight, and Morte D’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory. They show how the knights end up showing that they are well educated, and respectful to the people that they meet. The three ideas of chivalry are respect, integrity, and honor.

First of all, the knights are always respectful of the people around them. They have the kindest words towards, people. The knights are also protective of the citizens in Camelot, as shown in the movie. The respect that the knights have for their country is like the men at war,
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The truth is it’s not people just like to think in a deceptive way to hurt the ones that they dislike. In the medieval time period there were people that wanted a honorable mention from the king because they protected and served for him in many ways. On page 172, line 36 “But as the praise of you, prince, is puffed up so high and your court and company are counted on. They are telling this one person that they are worth the honor that they are getting. They are happy about this man being a big part of the war. In many ways this could be a great honorable mention and in some ways it also could be bad. The bad part you may never hear those words again. Obviously, there are many things we take for granted the honors that we have gotten in many different
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