Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry

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In this world now, people think of chivalry as men behaving courteously towards women; for example, holding the door for them or offering them their jackets when they are cold. However, the story of Sir Gawain and The Green Knight portrays a different aspect of chivalry: that of the medieval times. The chivalry of the medieval times suggests that it is more than just being courteous to women. In the story,Sir Gawain gets challenged by the Green Knight. Sir Gawain then goes to find the Green Knight. On the way to the Green Knight, he finds a castle and makes a deal with the host. Then the host’s wife tests Gawain. From here, the dispute begins. As the host’s wife tested Sir Gawain, there were certain actions that possibly have broken some of…show more content…
Now, we need to go back to the first night of the game, then it would explain why that question is unreasonable. It was not originally planned that the game would go for three days, but it was decided on the spot that they would play the game again the day after. Therefore, he could not have guessed that she would come back again, since it was not planned in advance. Everything was unpredictable what is going to happen the next day, so it would be unreasonable to expect him to know that she is coming back to do the same…show more content…
When she kissed him, we do not even know if it was on lips or on cheeks. “She bends down over him And gives the knight a kiss;” (Winny 85). Even through the contact such as kissing, Sir Gawain manages to pull himself together and refrain himself from doing the wrong things and go against the church’s teachings, which is the first code on the code of chivalry. Also, while they were talking, he was not rude to her in any form, nor was he allowing her to do many other things to him that would go against the teachings of the church. At the last day, the host’s wife even lies next to Sir Gawain and basically asks him if he wants her. “I come here alone, and sit To learn your special play: Show me your expertise While my husband is away.” (Winny 87). A person never knows what exactly she meant, but when they are talking about love and alone, the statement can be mistaken into so many immoral ways. However, he answers that he does not want anyone right then. Any other knight in the period would take advantage of that situation, but Sir Gawain does not. Additionally, he goes and confesses his sins in the chapel that day, which tells us that he is a responsible

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