Misjudged Chivalry

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Misjudged Chivalry

In "Chivalry Isn 't Dead, but It Should Be", Hailey Yook argues that chivalry is one of the most important characteristics of gender discrimination that is implanted in our society today. The author explains that other than every positive change in understanding woman and their role in the society, today we are still faced with invisible sexism. She uses an effective statement about the consequences of feminine or masculine colors, toys or movies that famous companies use and try to explain that these can be effective on children 's individuality. Yook, claims that acknowledgement of invisible gender inequality can help us reach equality. She explains the definition of "Chivalry" and shows us that it is used differently
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I know that we are faced with invisible sexism in the society, but I disagree with placing chivalry in it as a gender discrimination factor. The author explains about "Covert Sexism" (339) and how it is related with the Walt Disney company. As a mother, I agree with Yook because I can see how movie companies affect children 's satisfaction of their appearance and makes teenage girls wait for their dream prince to come and make them happy. But the author 's way to connect this issue with chivalry is not good. In my opinion chivalry is a good behavior even if some companies want to nobble it in wrong way. I claim that if someone wants to use a good thing in a wrong way we have to train that person to use it correctly and clearing that thing is not a…show more content…
I disagree with her because I think it is not a good solution. It is just clearing the issue not solving a problem. In my idea when we see something we have to choose the positive parts of it and try to improve them and we have to find ways to change the negative parts. I believe that chivalry is a good manner even if there is some misjudgment about it today or even if it has some problems, but the main point of chivalry is still good. I think forgetting a good behavior and trying to leave it in the past is not logical. As an effective member of the society, we have to try to improve good behavior and correct its problems. In this way we can live in a better
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