Chkohwa Case Study

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DAY 2: Chimanimani - Chakohwa Climate User Interface Platform

1) Question:
• What is your Primary goal in Agriculture or what do you seek to achieve most here in Chakohwa as far as Agriculture is concerned?
• We are all into Agriculture to feed our familes first then probably sell surplus to stay financially liquid and send our kids to school.
2) Question:
• What are your main farming crops here in Chimanimani – Chakohwa ?
We all have different soils in Chakohwa primarily because of the places we stay, and other farmers stay near the river thus they rely on Irrigation Schemes and their crops are different from farmers far from the river, therefore these are our main crops
• Sorghum
• Sunflower
• Millet
• Ground nuts
• Maize
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• Radio
• Palmflets
• Podcast

6) Question:
• Who is the most realiable mobile telecomuniation provider in Chimanimani-Chakohwa ward 13?
• They are all realiable , but the majority are Econet Subscribers and Mobile network in good .
7) Question:
• To whom individially should the climate/weather information be sent to ?
• It would be very helpful if all of us (Farmer and AEO) have the information at once and if we encounter any challengie in interpreting or understanding we then call for help to our Agritex Extension Workers who ususally take time to visit each and every farming household , therefore it would take long to make a decision in critical matters if the AEO gets the information alone

8) Question:
• In which language do you prefer to receive client weather information?
• Shona and simple understandable English.
9) Question:
• What other form of information dissemination would you prefer in case there in no SMS and Radio for a moment?
• Climate educational palmflets with all farming , agriculture trends and possible reaction methods would be very helpful.

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