Chlamydia Research Paper

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unprotected sex and not being tested after multiple partners, men and women are increasing their chances of reproductive complications in the future. The adverse effects of chlamydia can range from mild to severe. Difficulties in reproduction challenges have been connected to the infection and with some women that do not experience the painful symptoms, chlamydia is free to set up camp while causing extensive damage to reproductive organs leaving women and sometimes men infertile. Continuing to improve the standards of education when it comes to sexual health in America is key when it comes to changing the embarrassment, shame and fear surrounding those that are sexually active. Social economics, sexual behaviors,…show more content…
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012), “Among sexually-active women aged 16–24 years in commercial plans, chlamydia screening increased from 23.1% in 2001 to 45.0% in 2011. During the same time period, the screening rate among sexually active women aged 16–24 years covered by Medicaid increased from 40.4% to 58.0%. Although chlamydia screening is expanding, many women who are at risk are still not being tested reflecting, in part, the lack of awareness among some health care providers and the limited resources available to support these screenings” (n.p.). Getting tested for chlamydia requires attention and awareness on the part of medical personnel, but it also goes into the willingness of a patient to discuss their sexual history, including how many partners they have had and if they, or those partners have ever had an STD in the past. This would also provide the perfect platform to talk about the severity of the situation and to clear the air about any myths and not to lean on Google or WebMD to educate or protect the patient’s life. The Internet is where many can find resources like locations of medical clinics that offer testing and where to get birth control resources (condoms) that are offered on a financial sliding scale for those that have a range of
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