Chlomo Wiesel Research Paper

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We gather today to mourn the resting of the late Chlomo Wiesel, who departed from this wicked world to soon and will be missed by his loved ones. He passed away on January 28th, 1945 in Auschwitz death camp in Buchenwald, Germany. The cause of death was deprivation of physical strength and multiple injuries due to the conditions of the camp. Which included brutal working conditions and extreme malnutrition. The ultimate people to blame for his death is the Nazis who constructed these death camps that were essentially hell on earth. Chlomos life after the selection in Auschwitz was dedicated to keeping his son, Eliezer and him together. Which was very rare in the camps due to such oppression among the prisoner. It’s safe to say that with his father, Eliezer wouldn’t live on to tell his story of events such as the Auschwitz selection and the…show more content…
“Humanity? Humanity is not concerned with us. Today anything is allowed. Anything is possible, even these crematories.” The late Chlomo owned a shop in Sighet, Transylvania and was a very sought after man in his village. He was married to his loving wife, Sarah Feig. He lived with his three daughters Hilda, Batya, and Tzipora and his only son Elie. For his children he provided a modern learning experience, he wanted his children to learn several languages such as Hebrew and read western literature. May his soul rest in peace and God bless the souls of his loved ones Chlomos tragic death is a cruel reminder to how horrifying the holocaust was. Running several miles, being forced into labor or death, being starved but still expected to work. No event will be as crucial to the way the world is today. Chlomos death and the other Jews, Gypsies, and populations who were apart of this genocide. Their deaths will not be in vain. We must strive towards treating around us like they are our brothers and
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