Chloroethylene Dichloride

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Ethylene dichloride is a chlorinated organic compound consisting of two singly bonded carbon atoms bonded to one chlorine atom on each carbon and is assigned the CAS registry number 107-06-2scifinder. Ethylene dichloride should not be confused with 1,2-dichloroethylene which contains a double bond between the two carbons. Although a stable compound at room temperature, it does slowly decompose in the presence of oxygen and UV light turning a darker colour, and at temperatures above 340 oC it begins to decomposes forming vinyl chloride & HCL Ullmann’s & . Table 1 lists the basic physical and chemical properties on ethylene dichloride. Table 1: Physical and Chemical Constants Molecular Weight…show more content…
Today some of the top manufactures are: Borden Chemicals and Plastics, Dow Chemical, Oxymar, and PPG Industries Inc Japan, Europe and the United States alone manufacture about 18 billion kg of Ethylene dichloride springer link. Ethylene dichloride has large economic value based on the fact that its hydrogens can be removed easily by applying heat. This property allows it to be a practical choice in chemical synthesis as it minimizes cost and labour when manufacturing other chemicals.
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