Chocolate Cake Process

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How to Bake a Chocolate Cake
Baking is a great activity in which one can undertake alone, as a family, or with friends. Baking a cake is a straight forward process and by following the correct recipe one is bound to have a delicious product following the entire process. Cakes are a great breakfast accompaniment, can be consumed as deserts, and also can be used for signifying a party such as a wedding ceremony or a birthday party. This goes to show that having the skill to bake a cake is crucial for individuals that love the kitchen and would want to impress their families or friends. While there are many variations of cakes, knowing the basics and having the knowledge of chocolate cake ingredients gives an individual great confidence from the
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Ensure to give the baking powder in the batter time for acting and rising the cake so as to ensure that the chocolate cake batter sets correctly. Place the pan with the batter into the oven and close-up the oven. Once the cake is inside the oven, do not open the oven to have a peak at the cake for at least thirty minutes. This is because the first thirty minutes the cake is in the oven are crucial for ensuring that the batter sets properly and the baking powder is able to rise the cake. In fact, opening the oven before the first thirty minutes ends could result in a collapsed cake. After an approximately thirty five minutes, you should open the oven to check on the progress. At this point, the top of your cake should be golden in color and well-set. Use a thin skewer to check if the cake is done at the middle. If the skewer comes out clean, then your cake is well-done, if it does not, give the cake another 5-10 minutes but ensure it does not last in the oven for more than forty five minutes. If done, take the pan out and give the cake an approximately fifteen minutes to cool down.

COOLING CAKE Figure 5: Well-done cake cooling on the rack.
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The entire process should have a well-set cake. Once the cooling is complete, it is up to the individual to use their preferred method of frosting which could either be by the use of cheese creams, buttercream, whipped cream, or ganache. Decorations can be done at this point. The cake can now be served as

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