Chocolate Milk Persuasive Speech

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You just get done with a sports practice, everyone pulls out a sports drink or water while you pull out chocolate milk. The next day at school you’re talking to your team. They’re all sore while you’re the only one that’s not. This could be attributed to the chocolate milk you drank after your practice. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate milk is actually real healthy for you, and helps muscle recovery. Therefore, chocolate milk should be kept in schools because it's healthier for kids, gives energy and muscle recovery, and cheaper for lower income families. To begin with, chocolate milk is a much healthier choice for students. They contain more vitamins and nutrients than what’s in sports drinks and etc. An article by Richard Sine explains by saying”…milk contains key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D… that sports drinks can’t match.” To back up that Lauren Furuta states that “some benefits of chocolate milk are fluid and electrolytes for hydration, and also replenishes necessary vitamins.” Going…show more content…
According to the text,”… it doesn’t make sense to spend serious money on spend drinks,” (Chocolate milk: The). They also stated “It doesn’t make sense to spend…money…when they can get milk as part of a subsidized lunch program,” (Chocolate milk: The…). This goes to show, that for lower income families they can't purchase sports drinks. Which leads to saying, chocolate milk could be the only thing lower income families can afford so it should be kept in schools. To conclude, chocolate milk should be kept in schools because it's a much healthier choice, gives energy and muscle recovery and cheaper for lower income families. So if you have a sports practice or workout session then you should drinks chocolate milk because all of its qualities chocolate milk is a better choice. This shows why chocolate milk should be kept it in
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