Chocolate Milk Should Stay In Schools

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Mrs. Rally, a lunch lady at a local elementary said “We serve six or seven cartons of chocolate for each one of white milk at lunch.” So why would we get rid of chocolate milk if it is choosen 6 to 1 to white milk? But that’s not all kids love it, it recovers athletes after their workouts and is a better overall diet for kids. Although chocolate milk has a little more sugar than other types of milk, yet I believe that chocolate milk should stay in school!

As I said chocolate milk should stay in school because kids love it. Did you know that some students would not drink as much milk if chocolate milk was taken away from schools? Even Dr. James Rippe in an interview with said, “Some students would be drinking a lot less milk if it weren’t flavored.” Furthermore this just goes to show that some kids prefer chocolate milk or other flavored milk over plain old white milk. Also most kids don’t go “look chocolate milk has a lot of sugar, I want that!”
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But that’s not all do you ever come in from recess after that intense game of foursquare and need something to drink. Your only options are white milk, chocolate milk, juice boxes, and a bottle of water. Water will hydrate you. Juice boxes will give you a bunch of sugar. White milk is ok. Your best option though would be chocolate milk because it has so much protein and repairs you sore achy muscles. Although most people drink water after sports Jason Karp said , “ It’s water but much much more!” This is important to know because if you think that chocolate milk is all sugar, you have to think again because it is really half water, half protein. Also chocolate milk is referred to professional athletes. Milk unleashed stated, “ Chocolate milk has been preferred more than sports drinks for Olympians and amateur athletes.” This just proves how much we need chocolate milk in our schools because if professional athletes have it so should
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