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The Luxury object I have chosen is the Chocolate pot. Hot Chocolate became such a popular drink during the 1600-1900 Period that in turn they began creating specific pots and cups solely for the consumption of the drink. There are many different examples and styles of the Chocolate pot out there, differing from a silver chocolate pot to a ceramic chocolate pot. I have chosen the ceramic chocolate pot to discuss. Although the silver chocolate pot came before the ceramic chocolate pot, I find the ceramic pot’s more aesthetically pleasing.

Here is an image of a ceramic chocolate pot.

This Chocolate pot has a cover of hard-paste porcelain. The pot is of cylindrical shape, painted in enamels with colourful floral springs, the rims gilded,
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The subjects depicted on the chocolate pot are flowers. And the category the chocolate pot falls under is porcelain and ceramics. There are many examples in 18th century paintings of the wealthy partaking of this fashionable beverage. Often the chocolate pots resemble coffee pots in shape; however it is always made clear that chocolate is being made when the pot has a swizzle stick protruding from its cover. This was to allow the chocolate tablet to be mixed and frothed up with hot milk or water. The place of origin for this particular chocolate pot was Hoschst, Germany 1765-1775. The Artist/Maker was Hoschst porcelain…show more content…
To own your own chocolate pot showed other people that you had money quite similar to owning silver, another reason it was also very sought after was for the obvious reason that it was pleasant and tasty to drink. Chocolate was encouraged for medical purposes when it first surfaced in the 1600’s but then later on people realised it was purely just to be enjoyed. At this time of the chocolate pot and coffee pot’s there was a rise in consuming splendour, the wealthy wanted to splash out to show their status and were not shy about doing so. After the Aztecs, the Spanish were the first to discover the coco bean and did not realise how successful it would be with the
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