The Chocolate War Analysis

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The chocolate war it’s about a first-year student named Jerry Renault. That in spite of his mother’s death wants to make quarterback at Trinity High School. In this high school there is a society called “The Vigils”. Archie and Obie members and “masterminds” of the society are looking for boys that will be doing the “assignment” that they, the society, will give them. Then Brother Leon a teacher that ordered the chocolates twice as the quantity last year wanted to make sure that they will get sold. So he decides to talk with Archie and “The Vigils”. This society starts to do some pranks to the teachers. Obviously they wanted the newest ones in the society. He wanted de newest to do the dirty work as part of their initiation. This reflect the…show more content…
And Jerry want helping to achieve it. The sale of the chocolates wasn’t going well. Brother Leon was discontented about the low sale and the students lacking motivation to reach the goal of the fundraising. He was really disappointed and so were the students that were part of “The Vigils”. Jerry kept refusing to sell the chocolates. Because of that they decided to contact Emile. He was a guy that Archie was suborning about a picture that according to him could destroy Emile’s reputation. Emile settle to help them and he and a bunch of guys attack Jerry beating him. Also, Emile tell him that he was going to ruin Jerry’s reputation. Emile was going to destroy Jerry’s reputation telling everyone that he was gay. Even though Jerry wanted to tell his father about what was happening. But, he didn’t want his father to get hurt so he decided to keep quiet. The Vigils helped with the sell so Brother Leon wouldn’t destroy Archie and the society. They finally get every chocolate box sold except Jerry’s…show more content…
That fit into a group is not a priority in life. You can be part of the “cool” ones but that is nothing if aren’t happy. You will just spend your life following the society instructions or labels. Maybe we should brake some rules and try to find what really makes you happy, as Jerry did. I think that what Emile do was a very idiot reaction. Just because Jerry refuse to sell some chocolates they hurt him. In the end, is not about popularity or being against the rules. It is about doing what makes you happy and not what everyone tells you to do. Bullying or suborning someone is not ok, That something of our knowledge. Stop trying to fit in something superficial because that is not going to fill up your life and soul. But, the most important thing to learn is to respect each other’s decisions no matter if you aren’t in agreement. That will help you to grow as a person. To conclude, life is more than school labels. I exhort you to do what you think is right and just find your
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