Choices In 'A Farther's Ashes'

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You think of desperate people or criminals stealing but not so often a 14 year old girl. Ashes is a teenage girl in Europe living between her divorced Mother and Father. Constant fighting between the parents eventually drove the two apart. Now every tuesday Ashe’s goes over to her Dad’s after school to eat supper and talk with him. She made a big decision in deciding to take the money for her Dad but he made her so many promises, showed her so much love, and she felt sorry for him. With all the promises that Ashe’s Dad has made it makes the Mother look less caring for never promising her anything, out of all the promises her Dad has made one is bound to come true and she owes him for that and all he’s done. The Mother is very strict in not…show more content…
Ashe’s Dad calls her Ashe’s even when her mother isn’t around to be aggravated. Her Mom thought that Ashe’s Dad called her that just to get on her nerves. Ashes believed the same thing until she realized ,”... he still called me Ashe’s, where Mom couldn’t hear him to be annoyed ( 1 ).” Ashe’s Dad is constantly complimenting her. Every time Ashe’s meets her Dad he gives her encouraging compliments that her Mom never bothers to say. Never once did Ashes mention her mother saying one loving thing to her. Ashes must have thought her Dad just cared more than her Mom. Ashe’s Dad makes her all these promises so she'll dreams about all the things she can strive for in life, unlike her Mother who puts down all of Ashe’s dreams. Her Dad wants her to be outgoing and and different and let's Ashes know,” Even your mother--and she’s a saint to have put up with me all those years--even she will discourage you from being all you can be ( 2 ).” Ashe’s wouldn't feel sorry for taking money when her mother doesn't treat her very well and discourages any imagination that’s even slightly outrageous. Her Mother almost seems like she doesn't even care about Ashes, Ashes most likely felt the same
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