Choices In Julius Caesar And Antigone

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How can one person make such a big impact on life? Big or small, we’re all faced with decisions and choices that aren't at all easy, all those choices have consequences and some even have rewards. Some big choices that could affect our life like what education we want, rather or not we go to college and as a country, we make a decision on who runs the country. we can see this in Shakespeare's Julius caesar, and the story of Antigone.
In the story of Antigone, we see that Antigone is faced with a really big and personal choice to make, her brother who is dead is being held legally to where he can't be properly buried. Causing him to suffer and never-ending his agony, this being so if challenging her to make the choice of either going against Creon’s rule and his leadership and burying her brother to end his suffering and then later possibly facing consequences herself. Or letting her brother suffer in agony for eternity. So deciding to properly bury her brother, she was trailed by Creon and was gonna be exiled from the country for doing so. Just like all decisions in any life her choice had an outcome and has affected others. And at the end of Antigone, we
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We see people thirst for power, while others are worried for Rome's republic. In the result of these two feelings, they want to put their idea into action. The conspirators knew though that the only way they could do that was by getting Julius’ best friend Brutus to join them because he was well known as an honorable man. With Brutus even killing him and in on it, it serves the conspiracist well cause it makes their cause look better. With the death of Julius Caesar, we then see the result in that causing a civil war within the country. Brutus is always questioning if he ever made the right choice with helping out with the conspiracy. We see that he often wonders what would happen if he decided to just say
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