Choices In Tom Krause's Poetry

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The Poem “Choice” by Tom Krause tells the reader about his poems about people’s decisions that each individual have to make every day from now and later. The poems describe on what kind of choices that people makes and what kind of difference from other choices. He describes some people choose what decisions they make and what kind of options they pick. Everybody have choices and each of them are different from one and the other.
Tom’s Poems teach the readers the lessons of choices that people makes every day in their life and here are the Examples. Everybody in the world have their decisions on their own personal interest. There are some people make choices rather they want to take a college major of Engineering to get a career in the technical field, being a nurse in the medical field, or working in the business. Some people make choices on different
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Some people have pick a goal of going to school to get a higher education whiles others decide to work. The poem “Some people lose out and some wins” is an example of individual’s choices while competing. Like the Mix Martial Arts(MMA) fighter Rhonda Rousey for example. She plans on retiring from MMA after losing a fight, but then change her decision to get back in the fight to compete and eventually becoming one of the top fighters once again. Recently one person from Irving Texas made a heartwarming choice by passing on the message that Muslim Americans have the rights to live in the country, treated them with respect, and show that there are Americans that do care about Arabs living in America. The final example is the Former military personals at the Standing rock protest. Many people who retired from the military made a choice of helping the protesters on keeping their land and show that they are fighting for the people, not business that have little to no care what so
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