Choir Narrative Essay

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Usually I’m not upset to go to choir everyday, but this year has been one of the worst choirs I’ve ever been in. The past two years of choir was the best choirs we’ve ever had. First off I’m going to start by saying Ms. Kruth does not try to enhance our singing voices at all. This past fall concert we did on October 3rd, 2016 honestly a mess and very unprofessional. She did not fully prepare us for this concert we did. The first few days of school usually we jumped right into knowing each other and then singing.
But since Pangburn knew us, we jumped right into singing. This year was oddly different, we played these stupid games on Ms. Kruth’s school laptops as if we were kids. And honestly, as a senior being in choir for all of my years of high school plus 8th grade, I’m offended. She always treats us as if we are middle schoolers. I’ve felt like since Kruth has been here teaching us, we have declined in our singing talent. We are not preparing for our contest that’s in the spring like we usually
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Pangburn was here she was her students to succeed therefore she bought music out of her own pocket so that we didn’t have to sing the same things. Which Ms. Kruth made sing the same thing in our fall concert. There were also some students that couldn’t afford to wear our all concert black so when Ms. Pangburn was teaching, she used her own money again to buy students black apparel so that we would all match. Ms. Kruth just let the kids go on stage which for our school looked very unprofessional.
Recently, Ms. Kruth made choir t-shirts for the choir that has came out of the band/choir money account. A lot of the choir students were mad because that money is suppose to go to new music and other things not t-shirts that were very unnecessary. She also talked about doing a cookout to get more kids to come to choir by using the choir’s money account which is ridiculous. Again, that money is for the kids for new music and things they need not t-shirts and
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