Cholesteroid Informative Speech

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What is cholesterol you might think? Cholesterol is a compound of sterol that is found in the body’s tissue. Cholesterol is also a type of fat that is found in blood. Cholesterol is good for your body because it helps the brain, skin, and other organs to be healthy and make sure that they are working the way they have to be working. The organ that produces cholesterol is the liver. The liver makes cholesterol from mostly animal products like cheese, milk, and especially eggs. This compound is found and can affect your body if there is a lot in your body. What are steroids you might think or wonder? Steroids are is any large amount of organic compounds with molecular structure containing four carbon atoms. Your body produces steroids to make your body grow healthier. There are two types of steroids that both make a change in your body. Like I said your body produces organic steroids to help your body grow as you get older. The other type…show more content…
The first type of steroid is a natural steroid that is produced from your body that is natural not artificial. This steroid is not bad for you because it is naturally part of your body and is produced from your body. This steroids helps your body to grow as you get older. Lots of people picture this steroid like water because it is natural and is needed to survive. This steroid also helps your body function the way it is suppose to and make sure that everything is healthy in your body. On the other hand there is a steroid that is not natural but artificial. This kind of steroid.can be dangerous if taken much often. People use this kind of steroid to get more energy and make themselves stronger and build muscles.This steroid if taken often can result in heart attack, stroke, and even death. Even though this steroids are dangerous doctors use them on patients. Doctors say that they use their steroids as medicine to calm, num, or relax patients when in

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