Cholesterol Assignment

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Readings & Assignment This lab consists of three parts that totals 50 points. Students should save this lab assignment to their desktop in a word document. The file then needs to be uploaded into Canvas by the due date after all questions are answered.
Part 1: Cholesterol

Background Information:
Use your textbook, lecture notes, slide presentation and the link provided to answer the questions below. Click on the following link to access additional information on cholesterol. Part 1 Assignment Guidelines:
Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Responses which are not written in complete sentences will not be scored.
1. What is cholesterol? (1 pt)
Cholesterol is basically a type of
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Where does cholesterol come from (hint: there are two sources and one of those sources is from the body) (1 pt)
The first source of cholesterol come from the liver. The second source comes from foods like poultry, meats, and dairy products with full fat.
3. List two functions of cholesterol in the body? (2 pts)
Cholesterol provides a barrier of protection for the cells in our body. The second function of cholesterol is that it helps with digestion by creating bile that comes from the liver to help digest the food we eat.
4. What are lipoproteins made of? (2 pts)
Lipoproteins are made of triglycerides and cholesterol on the inside and phospholipids on the
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Some of those foods could be bran cereal, oatmeal, carrots, fruits, and bell peppers.
Sodium I am under my recommended daily intake for sodium, but not by much. I would just continue to eat foods low in sodium and limit my soda intake and increase my water intake.

4. What is your percentage risk for developing heart disease within the next 10 years based off of the 10 year risk assessment? Use the following link to answer this question: (1 pt)
I am at a low risk according to the website.

Discuss answer. (2 pt)
I am at a low risk because I am between the age limit, I do not have any previous cardiac risk factors, I am not obese, and my levels are fairly normal.

5. Are you at risk for heart disease based on your current lifestyle? (1 pt) Elaborate 2 points of why or why not. (2 pts)
In my opinion, I am at risk in the future because I am starting to stop playing sports and regularly exercising. I eat a lot of fast food and a lot of salty foods, so I believe it is going to catch up to me in the near
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