Persuasive Essay On Choose Life

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Abortion or termination of unwanted pregnancy is one of the most controversial issues in the world, which consistently causes severe public debates. The number of abortions in our country is increasing, although changes in the abortion law were in order to reduce that number. There are government advertising that somehow indicate that an abortion is a murder without taking into account all the things that led the woman to an abortion. Do you think that a woman should be called a killer because she decided not to give birth to her child? Isn’t more important to ask ourselves which are the real reasons for an abortion and what to improve to not have to come to that? Аll women are against the new law, therefore, let see if there are any women organizations which are fighting for improving the law. Anti-abortion campaign "Choose Life" begins to broadcast most intensive at the beginning of 2011 and consists of six promotional videos that are still shown on television screens. The campaign, in which the government through insufficient information and…show more content…
What if a woman because of health reasons is obligated to have an abortion? Waiting 72 hours for an intervention is a little contradictory, because the new law is for protecting the woman's health. There was one case when a woman in the seventh month urgently had to terminate the pregnancy immediately. The procedures according to legislative changes lasted nine days. Also, if she was in the 28th week of pregnancy, the abortion would be approved by second commission within the Ministry of Health . I personally think that the law must be amended and women could do an abortion whenever wished, without even going through commissions. . I concealed interview to Neda Chaloska, participant in Network for protection from discrimination, who shared the same opinion with me and with many others and says . It is high time some changes to be
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