Assisted Suicide Arguments Against Euthanasia

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Choosing Pain or Dignity Every year, millions of people die from terminal illnesses and no more than several developed countries let patients die in dignity. Because of the fact that there’s no way of understanding a patient’s pain, any government cannot decide whether the patients should die or keep on suffering. So that it is essential to mention about the importance of assisted suicide. Also called euthanasia, is the act of killing patients with incurable diseases and who are suffering unbearably to end their pain. It may be done voluntarily or involuntarily or in another aspect, it may be active or passive but the assisting is done by a physician. It is a very controversial subject but every human should have the right to die and also ask a professional for help. Therefore, euthanasia should be legal for terminally ill, mentally stable and…show more content…
It can be arguable but the basic solution of this interpretation would be the mandatory written consent. As Dr. Jose Pereira stated (2011, p.39) “In all jurisdictions, the request for euthanasia or pas has to be voluntary, well-considered, informed, and persistent over time. The requesting person must provide explicit written consent and must be competent at the time the request is made.” Such criteria which are globally approved can decrease the potential of slippery slope and help doctors to do the best for patient’s interests. Although there are a few inquired euthanasia cases until now, none of them were taken to the court. According to the Royal Dutch Medical Association’s euthanasia guidelines (1987) “If there is no request from the patient, then proceeding with the termination of his life is [juristically] a matter of murder or killing, and not of euthanasia.” And so that we are talking about patients’ best interests, doctor’s bad decisions cannot be an argument against

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