Choosing A Perfect Mate In Romeo And Juliet

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Many live their life searching for their perfect mate. In the Era of Romeo and Juliet many times the parents would choose their “perfect mate”. But most of the time what a parent wants differs from what the child wants. A lot has changed since the times of Romeo and Juliet and many people choose their husband or wife. If my mom had the ability to choose my mate the results wouldn't be that bad, surprisingly.
If my mom were to choose my perfect mate, she would have to have a lot of good traits. Some of my wife's traits would have to be a hard worker, put up with a lot of crap, and know how to cook. My mom chose these traits because she wants me to be able to have someone who supports me throughout my life especially when i'm old. A few other traits would have to include she is respectful, adventures, and has a good personality. The reason I believe many of these traits were chosen is because she wants me to be happy in the end.
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Although I don't want to get married it would be nice to have a girlfriend with those qualities. If I were to chose different traits I would like her to at least be a 6/10 looks wise. My mom didn't choose anything that had to deal with her looks. I would at least like the girl to be cute and have a nice butt. I think I would like a pretty girl so I can brag a little bit about her.
So overall if my mother chose my wife she would be a decent mate. As I have explained in the previous paragraph I would like a girl that was pretty. My moms traits were a little more personal than looks which isn't too bad of a choice. In conclusion if I was back in the era of Romeo and Juliet I would trust my mom in choosing my mate. That's what I think about my mom choosing my perfect
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