Choosing Her Path Summary

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The title of a book by Stella Simmons, “Choosing Her Path,” appropriately depicts the significance of the story. Stella Simmons, an ex-medical technologist, retired early and went into the elementary school system. She then became a volunteer and assisted with reading fluency and comprehension. Since then she has written six children books and “Choosing Her Path” is her second book for young adults. She writes books because she enjoys writing. At the first glance, the plot seems totally appropriate. Simmons takes her readers through the story by introducing us to the main character, a young woman named Jenna. Jenna was waiting for a bus when her old boyfriend, who is a policeman, pulls up in a car in front of her. With Dave back on the island,…show more content…
The book contains hundreds of truths and describes on how many young people are depending on others. The author of the story foresees the possibility that the young woman may end up not choosing what is best for herself and for her future, but then later realizes what is in the best interest for her. Simmons puts a great deal of emphasis on the young woman’s decisions and problems. Simmons indicates that she has a young daughter, and because of her being pregnant she was unable to complete her education and for this reason she has a low salary job. Young age suggests durability, life and uncertainty. In a sense, these words and images are like truths. A truth according to a dictionary definition is fact or actuality. A fact is incapable of being changed. A truth is an absolute. In conflict with the finality of her decisions, however, Jenna senses a contrasting feeling that something was making her rethink all the decisions that she had made or will be making. After Dave had showed some sign of concern for Jenna and his daughter, she was made to think whether what she did before was correct. Was it correct to not have informed Dave that he had a daughter? Was the decisions she making befitting anyone? Was she being fooled? How does this all relate to being independent that passes before Jenna’s eyes? It could be possible that as each person seizes a truth and
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