Choosing Sides: Europeans, African Americans, The Patriots And The Loyalists

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The Choosing Sides document was about how Europeans, Native Americans, African Americans, and Women contributed to each side of the American Revolution, the Patriots and the Loyalists. Each time a side gained an ally, more failures occurred toward the other side's future, showing how the American Revolution made one civilization succeed and the other fail. Women were a very important part of helping out the Patriots in multiple ways. The main and best ways women contributed to the Patriot army were by acting as spies, nursing diseased and wounded patriots, and doing lots of farming and housekeeping for families. As spies, women were able to gather lots of information against the loyalists, being vital for the Patriot side. They also greatly …show more content…

Loyalists and Patriots were not trusted, so the tribes split into both sides of the war. The colonists were thought not to win the war by many tribes and the British were expected to stop expansion into Native territories, causing the break between which sides were chosen to be helped by the Native Americans. Some groups of Native Americans decided not to join the war, but to let each side fight until death or fully exhausted, allowing them to keep their current land. However, both the British and the Patriots did not trust the Native Americans either, so some were caught in battle even when they did not want to fight; others were punished for fighting for the other side, and many had their home villages raided by each side. Many Natives at this point had a very scarce amount of land and food, almost forcing them to fight for their lives. The Patriots only made things worse for the Natives, proceeding to push over even more onto their land after winning the war. This was an overall failure for the Natives for not choosing a better side and equally agreeing to fight for everything, leading to overall success for the Patriots. Lastly, the Europeans, France, and Spain joined the Patriot side. These were major, if not the most important contributions toward the Patriot victory. If France had not joined the Americans, their army would have been much weaker. France had lots to gain back, mainly off of revenge. They would have status and land with the power and allies to help. Spain provided a vast fleet of submarines and other naval force ships. The loyalists did not have much of an underwater defense, so this was a huge positive for power on the Patriot side. Another succession was made by the Americans leading to the defeat of the

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