Choreographic Reflection

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Coming into Choreography I did not have any professional dancing experience, I just danced to the rhythm of my soul and with everything choreographed spaced study I put my soul into it, as I began learning the art behind what I did. Through dancing I was able to share my reality with my peers and tell them story of my life without with just my body language. Each week my choreographic process evolved by being introduced to new topics such as floor pattern, motif, and putting meaning behind what I do, and learning everything does not have to make sense.

Elements such as motif and daydreaming helped construct my final project. I envisioned how I wanted my final project to before I began to develop it. Motif allowed me to draw out and embellish ideas to make my dance aesthetically pleasing. Using techniques such as repetition and tempo allowed me to take my audience through different waves of emotion , I would start off slow to and applying little pressure when spoking, arking and curving to develop vulnerable state of mind and speed up the tempo, to allow myself and both the audience to
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Initially I was only open to one style dance, hip hop and I had to learn how to take risk and be more receptive to different styles of dancing. As I became more open to various styles of dance, aI felt myself tapping into new emotions that I once was afraid of showing. Through observing my peers study each week and merging their style of dance to my own it helped me become a more honest dancer. I learned through failing and incorporating my own life experiences into my dance. As an artist each week I just strived to do my best and not be afraid to take risk. As humans we are afraid of failure, but we never know what we are good at unless we try. Once I was oppose to making pieces in silence, but after trying it I realized some of my best work was made when there was no music to accompany
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