Chosen Substance Abuse Counselor

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Having the honor to help people who don 't know how to help themselves get out of drug abuse would truly be amazing.This is why

Chosen Substance Abuse Counselor.

As a Substance Abuse Counselor. Substance abuse counselors work with people who are addicted to substances such as heroin, prescription pills, alcohol, and act. I will be attempting to figure out why, how, and when the substance abuse started. Then my job will shift, to where I will need to work with my patient to get away from the situation. For example, enroll them into a rehabilitation center, or get them help.

My annual salary would be around 38,520$. Which would be about 3,210$ dollars a paycheck per month. That would be more than enough to live in the area that I plan on moving to.
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So this means I would not have to go to college, as long as I finish high school. I would be
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