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Chris Archer V. New Columbia I came to my decision of charging Chris Archer guilty of criminal hazing and not guilty on the count of first-degree murder. During the case the Attorneys definitely keep me assured of my decision. A reason I decided to charge Archer with hazing was because he was the head of a Fraternity and most of the witnesses agreed that there was hazing involved. A reason why I did not charge Mr. Archer with first-degree murder was because no sober person was there to witness the death of Milan. The jury and I decided not to charge Archer with first-degree murder because, as I mentioned earlier, no sober person was actually there to watch Milan be pushed off. Another reason why I did not feel Mr. Archer should be charged with this because he always looking after her. Mr. Archer set her up with a dear friend, personally I do not believe someone would do that if they did not believe Milan was a good person or worthy enough to be with a good friend. Lastly, From what Dr. Mitchell said about Milan, she sounded to be a very unemotionally stable person. This may have been an act…show more content…
Archer was guilty of criminal hazing because most of the witnesses agreed there was criminal hazing involved. Since the Fraternity member where there, they must have known that there was criminal hazing involved with the fraternity. Pat Smith said she had an asthma attack due to the hazing, which was recorded on her medical history. Another reason why the jury and I charged Mr. Archer with criminal hazing was because of the Dean’s letter he sent to all of the Fraternity’s and Sorority’s. Additional to that Mr. Archer’s fraternity was sent a special, personal note from the dean telling them not to haze their new Fraternity members. This shows that the Dean knows that they have committed hazing in the past. The dean also says that they have not be reported for hazing for five years. This is indicating that they have committed hazing in the
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