Chris Brown Character Analysis

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Australia is not a country that stands for unwarranted violence, and we need to stand by our morals and what we know is right. I’m Jay, and I’m here to tell you why denying Chris Brown’s visa was the right choice for Australia. An all around unpleasant fellow, Brown is best known for his Rhythm and Blues and hip hop music, as well as his multiple cases of violence, both domestic and public. Of these cases, the most notable was the 2009 death threats and beating of his then girlfriend Rihanna; which sparked much public anger towards his deplorable actions. This along with other incidents were key factors in the analysis of Brown’s character by the Australian government, leading to a refusal of Brown’s visa in 2015. This decision meant that he could not perform at his upcoming concert, and created displeasure for Brown’s fans and event organisers. While I don’t expect everyone to believe the government’s decisions are always the best; I’m sure it’s easy to come to a conclusion that Chris Brown isn’t a character that any morally conscious person would choose to be around.…show more content…
The USA has it’s own Immigration Laws that require “good moral character”, so if it was not his homeland, Chris Brown may have even been banned from America. Musicians such as Lily Allen and Boy George are banned from the country on grounds of violence, so such an outcome would not be surprising. Australia also has a history of non-tolerance, banning high profile and controversial characters such as rapper Tyler the Creator and champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, both relevant to the abuse of or misogyny against women. Australia should take pride in moving forward from our not so distant past of sexism and racial profiling, and accept a chance to do good and move forward to greater
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